Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market in Warren to pick up some fruits and veggies. I picked up a 1/2 bushel of peaches to process and eat. They still aren't totally ripe so I'll give them a day or so to ripen up a bit.

I was able to make 4 pints of salsa for consumption yesterday. I'm thinking at least one Tex-Mex theme night dinner this week. I'm sure my daughters will each be over for a container as soon as word makes it to them that its in the fridge. With so many peaches I decided to chop up one and add it to half of the batch and try for a peach salsa. It wasn't bad but I'll have to work on it a bit.

I went out to the garden to cut some cabbages to make into freezer slaw yesterday afternoon. While cutting them, the wind picked up and snapped some more of the bamboo poles with tomatoes and green beans attached to them. I rushed in and got Matt to help me try to salvage as many tomatoes as possible before the storm hit. I was worried about the storm possibly ruining the tomatoes. We ended up with 2 - 5 gallon buckets of tomatoes. It was just too hot in the house yesterday to process them so now that the weather has cooled a bit hopefully we can get those knocked out and into the freezer.

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