Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It is amazing how much time it takes to prepare for a vacation, whether a weekend trip or longer. We are going on a 3 day mini-vacation to camp and canoe this weekend. I have been going over camping lists to make sure I am not forgetting anything, and I always do despite the lists as each trip is different and requires different things to be taken.

This year I was not asked to bring any food so that is one huge or small item I don't have to worry about. I do plan on making some chex mix up for Matt and I to nibble on - at least its semi-healthy. I'll have to go grocery shopping tonight to get the rest of the ingredients and make it. I actually use Crispix cereal instead of the rice & corn Chex. I like the taste better and the kids agree with me on that. I do use the wheat Chex along with honey roasted peanuts. I found a recipe about a year or so ago using a slow cooker to cook the mix in and have found that we really like doing it this way even though the time is longer as it reduces the burned pieces I got when making it in the oven. I also need to figure out what we will be wanting to drink and get all our drinks purchased. I will wait and purchase the ice Friday morning prior to leaving.

Matt put the tent up Monday night to discover some mold on the inside walls so last night he got some cleaner for that. We had to let it dry overnight and take it down this morning due to storms being predicted for this afternoon. Tonight we have to take the futon cover off and get that washed. I do not sleep on an air mattress, but take a futon, which is way more comfortable to sleep on and you never have to worry about waking up on the ground because your air mattress had a hole in it. Another advantage is that if you want you can take and prop it up against a tree and use it for a couch. I would definately keep a tarp or rug or something to put under the futon if you put it on the ground to protect it. We use a waterproof mattress cover on ours to protect it against moisture and dirt. If I know the weather is due to be cold I also take my down comforter with. No reason to be uncomfortable while camping if you don't have to.

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