Monday, July 12, 2010


Actually I've come to notice that I'm enjoying my weekends less and less. After this weekend I finally realized why, I spent the entire weekend cleaning the house. I'm going to have to work on this issue as I need my weekends to be enjoyable and to have a break from work and that includes housework. I realize this cycle came about while I was working 2 jobs and weekends were the only time I had time to clean or the energy.

Part of the problem this weekend was Matt was working the boat races downtown in Detroit at the Detroit Yacht Club (DYC) and wasn't home for the entire weekend. He works on one of the tow boats every year. He even had a front row seat for the boat hitting the wall. None the less, I don't like being separated from him. I also can't sleep when he's not home so I go into cranky sleep deprived mode - not a good thing.

The boy unit had to work doubles Friday and Saturday night so I couldn't even suggest that we go see a movie or anything. Friday I did go to a BBQ for my friend, Becky, who was visiting from Tennessee. It was awesome seeing her and a really enjoyable BBQ. I got to see another friend, Ralph, whom I haven't seen in probably 2 or more years and catch up with him.

I went to a psychic fair with Matt's sister and then out to lunch afterwards Saturday. It was interesting as I've never had a psychic reading or any other type of reading to be honest. The woman I chose was a tarot and playing card reader. It wasn't a bad reading. The Lover card was the first card drawn showing my partner really loved me - as if I didn't know that - but it was still nice to see in a reading nonetheless. Scary part was that the pregnancy card appeared 3 different times in back to back shuffles. I'm to old in my opinion at 44 to start another family and I'm hoping its none of my daughters (or sons) as I'm not ready to be a grandma yet. I'm hoping its all the pregnant females I have around me.

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday I pretty much spent cleaning. As it was hot and the air unit isn't working well, I had to take frequent breaks to cool off. Saturday the living room got a thorough cleaning along with the hallway. Sunday the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned. I'd hoped to knock out the bathroom and our bedroom Sunday also, but just got to tired. The boy and I went out and grabbed Jimmy John sandwiches for supper as I wasn't about to dirty the kitchen after spending that much time getting it clean. I think Matt's comment after walking to the bedroom to drop his stuff off and coming back out was "Wow, were you bored or what." He was impressed enough that I received a nice foot massage for my work.

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