Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm getting over bronchitis and pneumonia so I'm behind on a bunch of things.  This past weekend I worked on the spare room again and have it pretty much packed up and neat.  Today I dusted the living room and bedroom and swept and mopped the living room, bedroom, and hallway.  It was a bit much and I was coughing quite a bit but it needed to be done.  I rewarded myself with a nice foot soak.

Over the weekend I stopped at an estate sale.  I haven't been to any type of sale in quite a while.  I didn't see anything for myself but saw a lot of tools that I thought Matt might be interested in.  We went out later and stopped so he could check it out.   He found a bunch of tools and a metal toolbox that he bought.  While looking through one of the rooms I found an box for a massaging foot bath.  I was really disappointed when I picked it up to realize it was empty.  I was rather surprised to see the foot bath sitting by a table as we were checking out.  It looked brand new.  The man assured me it wasn't any body's stash so I immediately grabbed it for $5.  I was at Meijers later that night and they had the exact same one for $49.  My chiropractor recommended a massaging foot massager for my plantar fascitis.

Last week I scored chicken leg quarters for $.25 lb / 20 lb. maximum so there will be a lot of chicken recipes.

Sunday:  Terriyaki pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and green beans
Monday:  Venison and barley soup and biscuits
Tuesday:  Brats and macaroni salad
Wednesday:  Venison stew and biscuits
Thursday: Chicken leg quarters, cheesy mashed potatoes, and carrots
Friday:  Taco Salad
Saturday: Chicken enchiladas and salad

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I've been fighting bronchitis and pneumonia for the past three weeks.  I was finally able to get out and buy a new computer today so I can use Blogger again.  I will attempt to get a post up in the next day or two.  Hopefully I can get this blog back on track again.