Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Since Matt was gone all weekend he decided to spoil me yesterday and let me sprawl on the couch and work on the baby blanket while he cooked. I had planned to go to yoga but came home absolutely exhausted, so I decided it would be better to stay home and rest. While I was at work and still planning on going to yoga, I came up with the idea of lettuce wraps since its hot outside and I liked the idea of a light meal. I did some searching and found a copycat recipe for PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps. Never had their lettuce wraps but figured they should be pretty tasty. Matt got the ingredients we didn't already have on hand and prepared the tasty meal. Due to their not liking various thing like mushrooms and water chestnuts we decided to put everything in individual bowls to serve instead of mixing everything together. This recipe was a hit with both Matt and I, but the boy didn't like it. Basically he didn't like the lettuce wrap. I'd suggested a tortilla wrap but only had multi-grain tortillas which are too healthy for the boy to eat. I'll have to stock back up on plain tortillas apparently. My lunch today was leftovers.

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