Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since I mentioned it in my last blog, our visit with Matt's sister went really well after some communication issues. We got to spend about three hours with her and her friend. All the worries the family had were needless as he was not observing Ramadan so that helped considerably with the meal issue. Everybody really liked him. His sister showed us picture slide shows of various places she had visited and camping trips she had taken outside of Dubai. They were absolutely beautiful. I think we all have thoughts of visiting Dubai and Egypt dancing in our heads for future vacations.

His sister was extremely generous and brought us a large collection of spices from the Dubai market and a cookbook that uses the various spices. I cannot wait to taste and experiment with some of them that I have never tried before. There are some I have used, but these are so much richer then what we can get here in the states. It does not take much to make me happy. They also gifted me with a gold chain hair piece when they found out that I belly dance. It is a beautiful piece. They also gifted me with a box of hibiscus tea. I opened the box today and brewed myself a cup of it and it is delicious - nice mild floral taste. Hibiscus tea is also good for blood pressure, which I had not known about. I was instructed to drink it hot if my blood pressure was high or cold if it was low. Since I have problems with high blood pressure I will be drinking this hot.

It is so nice to have a visit that could have been difficult go so well. So now I have met Matt's entire family.

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