Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well life does seem to like throwing me curve balls of late.  After two weeks at the new job I've officially quit and with Matt's total blessing  The manager of the hotel I was working at definitely takes 2nd worse boss in history.  He told me that I was being hired in at $8/hr and would quickly go up from there when he made me manager but when I got my check for the first week discovered he'd put me at $7.40/hr.  I also discovered that he'd pretty much promised management positions to everybody.  There's nothing worse then a lying manager.  I've never seen such lousy management skills either. If he was in the military he'd be relieved of command and probably Article 15'ed out.  The final straw occurred Sunday when I was nearly attacked by irate guests due to something another coworker had done and said. It was like watching a chemical reaction going off and anything I tried to do just made it worse.  I had to call the police and there was a point I could feel the energy change and knew it could turn violent before the police got there.  No job is worth my life.  I could never return to a job where I didn't feel safe at and I most definitely no longer felt safe there.  The first day I worked they'd mentioned a front desk clerk had been attacked and hospitalized after a guest attacked them but I thought they were just trying to scare us.  The near attack on Sunday seriously shook me up.  To increase revenues they plan to allow hourly room rentals in the near future, which would draw in more prostitutes, pimps, and drug dealers.  Definitely not the place for me.  So I'm back to job hunting.  I'm looking at some transcription sites and hope to test for a few companies this week. 

I didn't do well last week keeping up on the cleaning and I'll admit that it was nice today to start to put the house back in order.  Today's focus was the living room.  Another huge tumbleweed of dog and cat fur was swept up from the living room.  I'll have to take a pictures one day of these tumbleweeds because it's amazing how large they are.  I could understand if I didn't sweep for a long period of time but it gets swept a minimum of once a week.  I might take one of the dogs to the doggie self wash this week so I can blow some of the fur out they're shedding.  With these warmer temps they're shedding earlier this year. If I can get a second job I'll probably buy a dog blower so I can groom them at home instead of having to pay all the time.  I also had stacks of books on the coffee table that I'd ordered from paperbackbookswap.com so those needed to be put into the bookcase.  Newspapers were scattered across the coffee table that needed to be sorted and tossed.  Now the living room has been cleaned and is comfortable again.  I even washed the blanket in Lacey's crate and Oreo's blanket she has for the couch.  There are still coupons on the coffee table from the paper sorting but I'll get to those later this week.  I'd hoped to clean off the top of the dishwasher but didn't make it that far.

Tonight Matt made chicken terriyaki stir-fry and rice for supper.  I was running late leaving for work so I didn't get a lunch packed.  I picked up a hamburger and small fry at Burger King on my way home.  I had to stop at the post office and UPS store on my way home. 

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