Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tuesday I spent cleaning out my coupons and filing all the new ones then going grocery shopping.  No idea why but by the time I was done with that I hit exhaustion so no housework got completed unfortunately.  The dogs were restless  so about 8pm I took them out for a quick wander.  Thankfully it helped . 

Lunch: Burrito with sour cream and cheese, romaine with pita chips and fattouch dressing and some Anne's chocolate bunny grahams (yum).  Matt had bought some frozen burritos to eat on nights I worked so I grabbed one of those.  I love these lunch containers with the 3 compartments.  I'm going to have to get a few more.

Supper:  Grilled steak sandwiches on crusty rolls with provolone cheese and sauteed sweet peppers, green pepper, and onions.  I saw bags of small sweet peppers at Costco and grabbed one thinking a steak sandwich sounded perfect for a meal this week.  I noticed Kroger also had them on sale for $3.99/bag.  What I didn't use I sliced in half and frozen for future use. 

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