Friday, April 13, 2012


My youngest son turned 20 last month and between his work schedule and mine we've had to reschedule three times to go out for a movie and dinner.  Tonight we managed it although it nearly got shortened.  We went to see The Hunger Games.  I thought it was pretty good.  I might start reading the books.  I was so embarrassed because I thought I'd turned my ringer off and my phone went off during the movie.  I quickly turned it off but was horrified that I was one of "those" people.  My son's phone went off too right after mine which was a little weird.  They were calling him in to work since another employee had walked off the job.  After the movie was over they called again and told him they'd found somebody so he didn't have to come in so we were able to enjoy our planned trip to his favorite Chinese restaurant. 

It's strange to think my son is 20 already.  I've been melancholy of late and missing the days when the kids were younger and home.  My oldest son should be arriving back in Texas from Afghanistan any day.  I'll sleep much better once he's back.  I miss spending time with the kids.  He stayed for a little bit and we searched  He enjoys reading anime books and was looking for new reading material.  I had two books he'd previously ordered that had come so he's got some reading material.  I also found a pair of his shorts in the computer room the other day when I was working in there that needed a new button so I sewed that on for him and returned those.

Lunch:  Leftover steak and pepper onion mix, chocolate chip cookies

Supper:  Out to Eat - Chinese - sweet and sour soup, eggroll, fried rice, and sesame chicken.  Tons of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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