Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Am I the only one not ready for December to be here already? It's like wow, the year is almost over. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Of course to commemorate the occasion it has decided to snow all day - thankfully only flurries with no accumulation. It's pretty to look out the window but doesn't appear to be getting nasty out there, at least not yet. It's on snowy days that I miss our fireplace at our old house the most. My oldest son use to love bringing in wood and getting it going and then watching it so it burned all day. We'd sometimes all curl up on the couches together and watch videos, read, or do crafts. Sometimes we would bake cookies and make hot chocolate and curl up on the couches and watch the fire as we had our snack. They were blessed days with my children that I miss. When we got enough snow we'd take the dogs for a midnight snow walk. It was a weird tradition we had but one we enjoyed. Maybe its the nostalgia getting to me with the kids on their own and rarely getting to see several of them.

This week gets more hectic with the holidays coming up and slows down at least from a work standpoint. This entire week has been super slow at work so I was able to knock out the entire first sock already. Sorry for the poor quality but I'm taking pictures with my cellphone, uploading them to Facebook, saving the pictures to the computer, converting them to jpeg and then uploading to the blog. Hopefully after Christmas I can look at getting a new camera. I'm way ahead of schedule knitting these and hopefully will now have them completed before Christmas. I've got the next one cast onto my needles and ready to start. I'm already planning new craft projects and purchasing books to occupy myself.

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