Monday, December 27, 2010


Wow, I cannot believe how fast the holidays have flown by already. I'm beginning to think I might need to take vacation time off the week of the holiday to really be able to relax and ENJOY it. I got almost none of my baking done that I'd hoped to accomplish. Its gotten so hectic and rushed. Maybe that's the reason I am drawn to simpler things and ways not only over the holidays but in general.

I was going through Mary Jane's Farmgirl Wisdom and there's a magnetic board (maybe 3" by 4") with pictures and wise sayings you can mix and match. I took mine into work and have it on my desk. Today's quote I put on it was "There is more to life than increasing its speed. - Mahatma Gandhi". Truer words were never spoken. It seems like my son just flew in but tomorrow he's flying back out. I don't think he'll ever realize how much I miss him. It seems like Christmas flew buy in a blink and in a couple days the new year will be upon us. Yes, there is more to life then speeding it up any faster.
Granted I love the speed of my cable Internet, but sometimes you need to disconnect and enjoy the quiet and your family. No cellphones. No Ipods. No computers. No TV even. I know, I know....have the aspirin and smelling salts ready for any heart attacks or vapors this may cause. My kids and I use to enjoy shutting off all the lights and using only candles or oil lamps to give us lights. Last night after a long day of driving to Frankenmuth, visiting Bonner's, and having a famous chicken dinner for supper it was so nice when I got home to stop the speed and sit and put a puzzle together with Matt. I can't remember the last time I did a puzzle. I know the kids and I use to do them but not in recent memory. So take the time during this hectic, busy, speeding holiday and enjoy your kids and your partner. Do something you've never done before like play a board game or do a puzzle together. You might even try doing the puzzle by candlelight. Pop some popcorn the old fashion way and make some yummy hot chocolate for a special treat and enjoy the taste of a time that moved slower.

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