Monday, November 29, 2010


Wow, it was a busy holiday weekend. One I don't think I want to repeat. Thanksgiving was super busy as only did we do a dinner for the kids at our house but we went to Matt's brother's as well for his family's gathering. My son's work schedule was repeatedly changed for working that day (he works at a restaurant). First they had him scheduled from 3pm to 4am, then he was supposed to work 3pm to 11am, then 3pm to 9pm and finally ended up working 3pm to 6:30pm. Crazy!!! We had to drop him off at work early to not be too late to Matt's family dinner. His family had initially scheduled their dinner for 1pm and then changed it to 2pm so I scheduled dinner with the kids for 6:30pm. My daughter asked that morning if we could back it up until 7:30pm. No problem, I put the turkey in as we walked out the door with plenty of time for it to slow roast in the oven. Thankfully I'd baked the pies and pumpkin bread the night before.

Unfortunately, instead of putting the food on the table at 2pm as we'd been told, his family didn't end up eating until 4:30pm, which is when we'd planned to be leaving to go home. We ended up leaving their house after 6pm as they were serving the desserts. My son called while we were driving home to say he was off so I dropped Matt off to start peeling potatoes and such and I went and got him. We ended up eating at 8:30 with the kids - only 4 hours after we'd eaten a full dinner at his brother's. The meals were way too close together time wise and we ended up feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I think next year we'll only do one dinner per day and either we'll do dinner with the kids on Thanksgiving or we'll do it on a weekend day that works for everybody.

We stayed home Friday as I refuse to go out with people in that type of shopping frenzy. We did venture out for what we thought would be a safe trip to visit a couple furniture stores to look at dining tables. We were in the first store roughly 20 minutes at the most - 20 minutes. We came out to discover after starting the car that someone had sawed my catalytic converter off and stolen it - 18" of my muffler was gone. We're talking about a vehicle that was parked in front of a store, in plain site, at 3pm in the afternoon, on a busy street and nobody saw anything. We went back into the store since I didn't have my phone with me and the store personnel said one of their employees had the same thing happen two weeks prior. The officer when he showed up said they'd been doing it all up and down that street and they hadn't been able to catch them they were so fast and that he was getting tired of writing up the same report. Thankfully we weren't robbed or carjacked or anything but there's still a sense of anger and violation. Fortunately the insurance will cover it as partial theft. Matt says that due to the way that they cut the pipe I'll need a whole new exhaust system as well as the catalytic converter. He put a test pipe on with extensions so I could drive it until we can get it fixed. Insurance claims will be out tomorrow to look at it. As I said at the beginning, don't think I want to repeat this holiday weekend.

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