Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I found myself watching $10 Dinners Sunday even though I hate the show. Anyway, for the first time she had recipes that I found interesting enough to try; Chicken a la orange and crispy potatoes. We made both last night. They were absolutely delicious. We modified her recipes based on our tastes. For example she only used salt & pepper to season the potatoes but we added seasoning salt and fresh chopped rosemary to kick up the flavor. We doubled the sauce recipe and reduced the honey she used. Matt suggested trying some agave syrup in the sauce the next time for some of the honey. She used 3 chicken breast with bones but I found markdowns on a package with only 2 breasts with bones and a package of thighs so we used both packages for the 3 of us. The boy went back for seconds and amazingly thirds. He's already 5' 11" so I'm praying he's not getting ready for a growth spurt again. Total cost of the chicken and potatoes was roughly about $6 to $7 which fed 3 of us plus there was enough left over for my lunch today. I had thought about preparing some green beans but we're having green bean casserole for Thanksgiving in a couple days so I decided to fore go them.

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