Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Matt did most of the cooking for the past several days, so last night was definitely my night to cook. Of course, by mid afternoon yesterday I was getting the flushed, fever-ish, headachey feeling and was most definitely not feeling up to cooking. Thankfully by the time I got home I was feeling better and accomplished a tasty meal for us. Supper last night consisted of shepherd's pie, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and a peach cobbler for dessert. Since there was just the two of us last night, I actually made two shepherd pies and put one in the freezer for a future meal. It was so nice to be able to make one of my fall/winter favorites without heating the house up. I love fall and it has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. I love the cooler days, the cooler nights, wearing sweaters, snuggling, apple cider, cider mill visits, pumpkins - the whole thing. I got my first gallon of cider this week from the store and have enjoyed savoring it, both hot and cold. I enjoy adding cinnamon syrup or caramel syrup to hot cider for a special treat.

Breakfast: I was bad and nibbled on some party mix
Lunch: Hot and Sour soup and orange chicken (Thai restaurant)
Supper: Shepherds pie, rolls, and peach cobbler with a drizzle of cream

Chores: Dusted living room and swept living room and hallway

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