Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend was packed and so much fun. Matt and I went with a group of my friends Saturday to the Michigan Ren Faire. I have gone every year for probably close to 7 years or so. I absolutely love everything about it. I enjoy getting dressed up in garb to attend. I enjoy getting to walk around and having men be gallant gentleman. I mean seriously, what woman would not practically swoon when a man takes her hand, kisses it and says "Good morrow my lady." It is just too much fun. Granted the food is mediocre and everything is priced high but it is the experience of going and watching jousting and sword fights that makes it so worth it. I spent the day enjoying mead and friendship - a most excellent way to spend a day. I jokingly claimed it was Kristine's practice bachelorette party. We also picked up some wonderfully smelling cinnamon and chocolate incense. I bought Matt a wonderful hat for his garb and he in return bought a flower wreath for my hair.

My friends Kristine and Ryan were handfasted on Sunday and we were blessed to be able to attend and spend another day with friends and lots of great food. This was my first handfasting to witness so it was even more special. They did a potluck style meal and it was delicious as always. They were celebrating the harvest as well so the theme was fall/harvest type foods. They served a pork roast that was falling apart tender. Kristine asked me to bring pumpkin bread so that was my contribution along with homemade cinnamon butter and a bottle of vanilla and cinnamon mead. There was a sweet potato casserole, baked squash, cabbage rolls, and cabbage soup just to name a few other dishes and a delicious cake with chocolate mousse filling in it - yummo.

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