Monday, February 22, 2010

Menues for the week /partial

Here's my partial list of menues for the week. Matt and I found some awesome looking salmon while we were at the veggie market Saturday and picked it up. As my 17yo ds doesn't eat fish, we'll have it tonight since he's working.

Saturday: Don Pablos - took my 17 yo ds out to eat and let him pick since it was his night off

Sunday: sticky/beer can chicken, mac & cheese, and fried corn - I used the sticky chicken rub on the chicken and then inserted the beer can instead of an onion and it was fabulous. I was going to take pics but I forgot about it until the end of the meal. I might have to put Matt in charge of photos lol.

Monday: Salmon, caprese salad, and aspargus. Since I'm allergic to raw tomatoes we use roasted red peppers in my salad. When my basil is growing well in the summer we eat a ton of caprese salad.

Tuesday: Teriyaki pork roast, roasted potatoes, carrots

Wednesday: Sausage patties and mac & cheese

I haven't gotten the rest of the week figured out yet. What's on your menues this week?

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