Monday, March 15, 2010


Unfortunately life has kept me from my blogging. I had oral surgery to extract an infected tooth a couple weeks ago. Prior to finally getting the surgery done, my energy level and overall well feeling totally hit bottom. Even my beloved Matt was concerned over the obvious change in my health. I was pretty certain it was the tooth but could only wait and see. I had the surgery on Saturday morning and spent most of the day in a Vicodin haze. The next day I just had minimal discomfort which ice helped alleviate so I didn't take any pain meds. That Monday night I remember feeling like my jaw was sore, sort of like I'd been punched but tossed it up to the surgery. By Tuesday I started to wonder as the pain increased to the point I had to start taking Motrins. Thursday night was so bad I had to break out the Vicodins and take one after I got home and another before bed. Got an appt. for that Saturday morning to have it checked out. I'd apparently developed dry socket and had to have a medicated cotton coil packed into the socket. The surgeon was talking at least 5 straight days of having this treatment done. Unfortunately 6 hours after I left the office the coil fell out while I was eating. I was rather surprised and happy when I went back the next Monday and they said since the pain had reduced so much they weren't going to put any more in unless the pain started back up again. The 6 hours of medication was all it needed. Thankfully no problems since. Finally this past weekend I finally started to feel like my normal self and had some energy.

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