Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I hope everybody had an awesome Valentine's Day with their sweetie. Matt has been wanting to take a massage class for over a year so my Valentine's present to him was a 4 hour class on Valentine's Day. We enjoyed it immensely and might take it again as there is so much to absorb. They gave us sample bottles of cold pressed organic apricot oil to use for the massages. It has an almost almond scent to it, which I love. I had bought some of my own eucalyptus spearmint oil but liked the scent of the apricot oil so much I used it.

Matt's gift to me was a hand blown glass rose in vase. I'll take a picture and post it. He also cooked me a wonderful supper of grilled sword steak with fresh dill and lemon, rice pilaf, roasted mixed veggies with Italian dressing, and his awesome homemade apple dumplings with carmel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. YUMMO. He even got me a bottle of Moscato wine. It was so much more relaxing then going out and having to wait for hours for dinner. I'm definitely glad we stayed in.

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