Monday, February 8, 2010

Being Sick Is Not Fun

So much for posting more consistently. I got flattened this weekend with a stomach bug, probably food poisoning, that started suddenly Saturday night. I hate being sick and of late seem to be having a hard time fighting stuff off. I don't necessarily come down with a full blown case, but it pulls my energy level way down.

On the positive side, Saturday morning/afternoon my man and one of his sisters went to see the Edsel Ford House and did a tour of the house and grounds, including the playhouse and garage. We then ate at the little cafe. I had a bowl of warming wild mushroom bisque and a reubin sandwich on pumpernickel and rye swirled bread. For those that live in the metro Detroit area or are visiting, I can definitely recommend taking this tour. The house tour took about an hour and the grounds about 30 minutes, but it was bitterly cold outside so we would have been out longer if the weather had been nicer. The playhouse, pictured, is absolutely adorable. It was a house built to 2/3 scale of a real one for their daughter to play in while she was growing up. Everything was 2/3 scale from doorways to electrical switches. Wouldn't this have been a fabulous place to play as a child! We definitely want to go back after the rose garden blooms and see the gardens again. We noticed when we were checking out the web page that they offer wedding photos and we plan on looking into what that allows and where. Currently there are no photos allowed in the house and I would definitely want a photo on the staircase if we decide to go with this idea.

My cleaning tip today is to keep a container of disinfectant wipes under your bathroom sink or on the counter and use them each morning to wipe down the counter, sink and toilet. I alternate days and do the counter & sink on opposite days as I do the toilet. Makes for a quick bit of cleaning after I get done with my shower in the morning.

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