Monday, August 13, 2012


I was blessed to be given a wonderful farewell dinner by the Army personnel I worked.  They presented me with this awesome sword as one of my farewell gifts and they couldn't have gifted to anybody that would have been happier at receiving it.  I LOVE swords and I really like dragons so combine the two together and I'm in love.

The dragons alternate with the dragon claws on the handle.  The dragons collapse in towards the sword when you hold it straight down and then extend out when you lift the sword up.  (hope that makes sense).  The tip is actually double tipped.  It has an engraved plate on the sword itself, which ensures none of my kids (or anybody else for that matter) will attempt to steal it.  It's one of those items that I smile every time I look at it.

Today I got to do payroll for the first time.  Wow.  Caught one time sheet where the person tried to add in her lunch breaks to her time.  Found one who had shorted themselves on hours too.  Hopefully they'll figure out that I pay attention and they'll pay more attention themselves.

Actual Menus:

Lunch:  Egg and bacon sandwich
Supper:  Pizza hut pizza and breadsticks

Lunch: Leftover cheese and potato soup with bacon and cherries
Supper:  Tacos, refried beans

Matt was craving a chocolate pie last week so I made a chocolate mousse pie with a shortcake crust for dessert tonight and topped it with fresh whipped cream - YUM.

Housekeeping Duties:
* washed bedding
* washed load of whites
* washed load of colors
* vacuumed living room

I also clipped all the dog's nails and smoothed them down with the grinder.  Discovered a fat cyst on Lacey under her leg which explains her occasional limping.  I'll have to get her in as soon as I can afford it to have that checked.

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