Sunday, August 12, 2012


I finished my first week at my new position and really have enjoyed my week.  I've been a little overwhelmed with  trying to learn Quickbooks so quickly but we managed to get the reports completed for the board meeting next week.  I even got to take the deposits to the bank Friday.  It's really interesting to meet all the different people and hear where they're from.

The weather this week has been considerably milder then what I'm use to and I've been enjoying it thoroughly.  Today was the coolest temps we've had, waking to a temp of 58 and our high was only 69.  I totally love this type of weather.  To bad there's not a location somewhere where the temps are like this year around.  We had thunderstorms predicted for early morning and then later this afternoon but so far have gotten nothing but a few drops here and there.  The dogs and I did manage to get a wander in this evening although not the longer hike I'd planned to do today.  My boss told me about some trails by work that I wanted to check out but there's always tomorrow.

I did a shopping trip this morning to Coborn's.  This is the first time I've shopped at this grocery store.  I received an email this morning with their ad so I matched up the ad to coupons and tried to keep the total as low as I could.  I still wasn't happy with the total ($89) but until I get the pantry restocked it's going to be higher then I want especially since food prices here are so much higher then I'm use to.  Meat prices in particular are much more expensive here - I've never seen drum sticks and thighs cost $2.79 ON SALE!  I bought shampoo for Matt that he hadn't been able to find since getting here and laundry detergent which pushed the total up too.  They had a coupon for $5 off if you buy 10 items out of a selected group.  When I got to the register, the register would only credit me with 7 of the 10 items.  The cashier tried to refuse to give me the $5 off even though I pulled out the items to prove I'd purchased all of them.  I had grabbed an ad when I went into the store and even showed the manager when he came over that one of the products was the exact one they showed in the ad and he still insisted on "checking".  I also had printed coupons for many of the 10 items that were part of this $5 off and after the store manager finally gave me the credit the cashier tried to refuse my other coupons because they wouldn't scan and she apparently wanted to avoid the extra step of manually entering them.  I finally got all the coupons credited (about $10 worth) but had to get an attitude to do it, which upset me.  I'll probably just take the flyer to Walmarts and have them do a price match over going through that kind of headache again.

Some of the deals I was able to get today included:

* Kraft Mac & Cheese - free with store coupon
* Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 79c and I had a coupon for $1.00/2 = 19c
* Cheerios $1.50 - .50 coupon = $1.00
* Recipe Starter 99c - 50c = 49c

Today's Menu:
Lunch: Turkey sandwich on sourdough bread and Frito's
Supper: Cheesy potato soup with bacon

Menus for the rest of week based on what I purchased today:
* BBQ chicken and Parmesan noodles
* Cube steaks with tomato gravy and mashed potatoes
* Tacos and refried beans
* Broccoli cheddar soup
* Chicken pot pie with biscuit topping

Lunches this week will include:
* Turkey sandwiches
* Egg salad sandwiches
* Tuna salad sandwiches
* Leftovers

I did get the dining room table cleaned off and items put away today and also got the counter in the dining room unit cleaned off.  Pictures coming.  Matt unpacked and hooked up the Wii, stereo, and VCR/DVD player.  I can finally watch Netflix again!!!  He also fixed the toilet in the 2nd bathroom - the bolts had rusted through and needed replacing.  I also got the Jeep unpacked (finally!).  I had the cast iron griddle, 2 dog beds, one of the dog bags, and some other dog items that needed to be brought in still.  I even managed to wash both dog beds so they have nice clean smelling beds to sleep on.  I also did a Tractor Supply run for dog food this morning before I went to the grocery store since it's across the street.  Another example of my sticker shock since getting here.  The food I buy them cost me $19 for the smaller bag or $36 for the large bag and here it cost $26 for the smaller bag and $48 for the larger bag.  YIKES!  On the other hand I was able to get a large bag of cat litter for $2.99. 

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