Monday, August 6, 2012

Breadmaking and a Job!

Today I got the call that the job I've been wanting since before we left Michigan was mine!  I was so excited.  I'll be working at a museum and it's only a half mile down the road.  I start tomorrow.  My menu for today changed since Matt wanted to take me out for a celebratory dinner.  We tried a new place, Fort Frontier Bar & Grill, that is right by the museum.  We discovered it while we were exploring Frontier Village this weekend.  It's right outside Frontier Village.

I started getting my kitchen straightened out today and got my baking center set up.  I decided to make the sandwich bread I've been wanting to make.  I wasn't big on the sourdough bread I bought at the store for sandwiches so needed something else to use for my lunch.  Wish this had smell-o-vision because it smells delicious.

I'm fortunate that the lace curtains in our bedroom were already brown so they work with my color scheme.  The room is long but not super wide.  I love the closet area with the makeup area.  I need to either find or make a skirt for the bottom of the bed.  The wallpaper in the makeup area has to go too.  For better organization I plan to get some corner shelves to put my lotions and such on so everything isn't on the desk itself.  The closet on the left is Matt's and the closet on the right is mine.

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