Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday's Musings

This past week was busy preparing Matt to leave.  I also ended up cleaning the doctor's office an extra day.  Our different styles toward moving were quite noticeable.  He waited until Friday to start packing anything he was taking.  Knowing I have a month at most I've already started boxing things up.  If I can ahold of boxes I will probably have everything packed I won't need within two weeks.  Our menus were totally off this week due to my working so much so we ended up eating a lot of pickup meals.  Several nights I picked up food after I got done with the doctor's office so we had some late meals.  Fast food isn't good for you to begin with and it's even worse eating it late at night and going to bed right afterwards.

Matt left early yesterday morning and should have arrived about 1 am this morning,  a 17 hour trip.  I know it will take me longer when I drive out due to having to stop for doggie potty breaks and stretching.  I'm pretty sure we'll have to stop overnight.  There's no way I'll be able to drive 24 hours straight.  Other then a major backup by Chicago he said it was a pretty easy drive.  H.e called about 10:30 last night to "tuck me in" and said he was about 200 miles from Fargo

I was a bit depressed yesterday, it was like I was being left behind.  There was that childish part of me that was screaming "But I want to go too!".  To snap myself out of it I decided to take the dogs to the Eastpointe farmer's market.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten yesterday was the Gratiot Cruz so there was no farmer's market.  Needing to take the dogs someplace since I had them in the car so I decided to try the St. Clair Shores dog park.  Totally was bummed to discover they require a city issued fob to get into the park and there's a fee associated with it.  Guess we won't be hanging out at that dog park, which is a bummer since it's the closest dog park to where we live.  The pups and I spent the day hanging out in the house.  I finished Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets (book 2).  It was a kick back and relax day.  I used up some of my freezer food to prepare lunch.  I ran out and got some groceries later in the evening, mostly fruit.

Breakfast: Eggs over easy and buttered toast
Lunch:  Buffalo chicken bites and zestie fries (both freezer items)
Supper:  burrito with homemade salsa (using pantry items)

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