Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moving prep continues

It's just starting to hit me that this weekend will be my last weekend with Matt for at least a month.  It's sort of scary.  We're still working on finding housing.  Having three dogs and two cats is making that difficult.  It's not like I haven't been in this position before though.  Have you ever tried to find housing with four kids?  People immediately assume they'll rip the place apart and won't rent to you.  Same with pets.  We're crossing our fingers that we get approved for a lease to own double wide trailer.  Hopefully we'll hear tomorrow.  If we don't get approved it's going to be difficult.  The park the trailer is in is okay with the number of pets we have where apartments will only allow one pet, period.   I've been busy filling out forms on ND job sites.  I really hope I can get a job lined up before I move out there.

Meals this week:
Monday: blueberry pancakes and bacon
Tuesday: On Your Own Night (OYON) since I work
Wednesday:  Ham and scalloped potatoes
Thursday: Ham sandwiches (basically another OYON)
Friday: BBQ ham and pineapple pizza (homemade)
Saturday: Dinner with Matt's brother and his wife

Lunch today: burrito with cheese and sour cream

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