Sunday, June 3, 2012


I did a quick shopping trip last week.  With the pending move it's imperative that I try to use up what I have in the pantry as well as in the freezers.  I did my shopping at Aldi's because their fruit and vegetables were priced the cheapest.  I didn't find everything I wanted - they only had iceberg lettuce which is really odd since they normally have 3 packs of romaine and gourmet types of lettuce.

Water 2.49
jar of banana pepper slices 1.19
baby carrots .49
frozen corn .99
frozen broccoli 1.09
Dijon mustard 1.19
BBQ sauce .89
poppy seed dressing 1.29
celery .69
can of black beans .59
can of pumpkin puree .99
3# of baby red potatoes 1.99
avocado .89
strawberries 1.29
Boston Market frozen dinner meatloaf with mashed potatoes 2.79
Nutter Butter cookies 2.99
TOTAL: $21.84

Since Aldi's didn't have romaine lettuce Matt ran down and grabbed a bag of salad mix and a cucumber last night for supper.  It probably added another $3-$4 to the overall amount for the week.

With Matt being gone I ate pretty lightly.  I picked up a corned beef sandwich Tuesday night and ate half of it and then had it again Wednesday night to finish it off.  The Boston Market frozen dinner I used for lunch on Friday.  This time of year when it's hot like this I like to make salads with fruit and use poppy seed dressing.  It makes for a light taste.

The pumpkin I like to keep on hand for pumpkin bread when we get an occasional cool day when I can bake.  Another reason I keep pumpkin on hand is for the dogs in case of diarrhea.  It's the fasted thing I've found to cure diarrhea so we try to always have a can on hand.  If you don't it's Murphy's Law that you'll need it and won't be able to find any.  The heat is throwing Oreo's eating off already so I won't be surprised if we need to open that can to help her.  I'll need to pick up some cottage cheese for her before the week is out.  I prefer Daisy brand cottage cheese because it has no chemicals or preservatives.  She won't eat her kibble without a spoon of it added.  Even if she only eats the cottage cheese it gives her some calories.  Another option is yogurt to help with their digestion but it doesn't have as many calories as cottage cheese. 

I had grabbed a bag of #10 russet potatoes for $2.99, which were obviously a better buy, BUT ended up with potato juice down the front of my dress.  If they're rotting they're not a good deal, so I went with the more expensive reds.  Potatoes tend to go back quickly in this heat so it's best to buy in smaller quantities unless you have meals planned to use them up quickly.

The Nutter Butter cookies were a splurge for Matt.  He only buys them for his hunting weekend so I decided to treat him.  I'll probably even steal a couple.

As you can see I didn't buy any meat.  I'll use what's in the freezer.  I have a ham which I will probably thaw and use later in the week after Matt gets back.  I still have quite a bit of the chicken leg quarters left and a ton of venison to use.  I'll probably inventory the freezers mid week so I know what I have to work with to work menus.

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