Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm finally starting to feel better today.  Still really fatigued but better then I was yesterday.  I napped out for about an hour after I got home from work.  I did manage to go out Sunday for some groceries.  My goal has been to spend about $50 a week on food for us and I've been failing miserably.  Now that I'm having to pay the Jeep payments it's no longer an option, I have to get our food budget under better control.  Yesterday was a great start.  I went to Kroger and spent about $36 and then spent $16 at Target on food.  I ended up getting more at Kroger then I planned due to finding really good unadvertised deals that I had coupons to match - so I basically stocked for future meals.  I can live with $52 for the week.

2 limes 80c
broccoli $1.67 sale price
turnip $1.01
cauliflower $1.67 sale price
2 cucumbers 10/$10 sale price - $2.00
bag of red onions $3.49
Hormel Bacon Natural Uncured - regular price $6.59 - unadvertised special sale price $3.99 - .50 coupon +.50 double coupon = $2.99
2 packages of Tyson chicken breast $3.37 + $3.59 sale price
Angus Ground Beef $3.94 sale price
Johnsonville Sausage - New Orleans Smoked - $2.99 sale price - .75 coupon = $2.24
2 Ball Park Hot Dogs 2/$3 sale price - .50 coupon - .50 double coupon = $1 per package/$2.00
Eggland Eggs $2.69 - .35 coupon - .35 double coupon = $1.99
Horizon Organic Milk $3.98

2 PF Chang Meals $6.99 ea sale price = $15.90

I realized I forgot to get some lettuce so I will probably go back and get some Romaine but I'll check the garden first as I know I saw some starting to grow out there.  The price for the PF Chang meals was a super deal.  We use these meals for nights when we're just too tired to cook.  $6.99 for a meal is the price of one value meal at a fast food joint so even though it seems expensive, it actually does save money.  I also occasionally will take 1/2 of a package for my lunch.  Johnsonville sausage will be combined with a Zantara's Jambalaya Rice Mix we already have in the cabinet.  I'm not a big hot dog eater but I couldn't pass the Ball Park deal up especially with the coupon for another easy meal option.  We'd bought a huge double package of bacon at Costco last week but when I saw the deal for the Hormel's bacon I had to grab it.  Bacon can be frozen so I can keep it for future meals.

I don't count my medications in with my grocery budget for various reasons.  I have horrible allergies and this year is proving to be a bad one already so when I saw this deal for Zrtec D at Target I had to grab it.  Target sent out a booklet of coupons a couple weeks ago and there was a $2 off Zyrtec coupon.  I clipped a coupon for $7 of a 24 pack that had to be used by yesterday so total coupons stacked were $9 off.  Cost was $22.59 - $9 = $13.59 plus tax for the 24 pack which was about the same price as the 12 pack which was on sale.

Lunch: Peanut butter & strawberry homemade freezer jam on the homemade potato bread, mandarin oranges and Anne's chocolate graham bunnies
Supper:  Stuffed peppers - used the Angus ground beef for this

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