Thursday, May 3, 2012


I arrived home yesterday to find a package in between the doors.  Thinking it was a birthday present for Matt I sat it down and didn't really look at it closely.  When I went back to grab the mail to sort it I glanced down at the box to discover my name on the box.  When I opened it I discovered this beautiful spindle and wool.  Matt's sister sent it to me.  The spindle was her first one and the one she learned to spin with and she has passed it on to me to learn with.  She also sent me some roving to get started with.  What an awesome unexpected gift.  I played with it a little bit last night but think I'll go into the knit shop and get at least one lesson to get it down better and make sure I'm working it right. 

Matt's birthday was yesterday.  I took him out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Grand Azteca.  we go to the one on Groesbeck for those that know the area.  They have Grand Azteca in quite a few locations but they're not all the same quality.  We skipped the dessert this time since I had bought a cheesecake, per his request, so we came home and enjoyed a slice of that.  It was an enjoyable evening and he was happy with it.  We don't tend to do anything super fancy for our birthdays.

Lunch:  Salad in a jar - just romaine and pita chips with some of the fattouch dressing
Supper:  Tuna salad sandwiches and leftover chicken noodle with a slice of cheesecake for dessert

I wasn't feeling well and with the weather in the 80's today it was just too hot to eat so we ate light.

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