Monday, March 14, 2011


This week is going to be dicey to say the least. My oldest son is coming home on leave before he is deployed to Afghanistan. He thought he would be arriving sometime today, but it might not be until tomorrow. My youngest son got his work schedule last night for the week and his boss has added 2 more days this week, which is not making mom happy since I have to stay up past my bedtime to pick him up. Plus he's scheduled to work on his birthday! Trying to figure out who will be present for dinner each night is going to be tricky. Sometimes my oldest son wants to eat homemade meals and other times he wants to hit every restaurant he doesn't get to dine at while he's gone.

This is just a rough outline of meals I suggested with Matt last night and got approved.

1. Roast with gravy, potatoes, and carrots - possibly rolls.
2. Homemade Beef-a-roni and green beans
3. Chicken and noodles with biscuits
4. Homemade pizza & salad
5. Tacos, refried beans, and homemade guacamole

For the weekend Matt has suggested possibly a bbq cookup with ribs or a rib roast - we'll have to play it by ear to see what the kids have planned.

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