Thursday, March 10, 2011


I will admit that I HATE drinking water. My favorite drinks of choice are Mt. Dew and Code Red Mt. Dew. Water is just so BLAND tasting. I can't use artificial sweeteners and most of those cute little drink packets to add to your water bottles have artificial sweeteners in them. I tried Celestial Seasonings packets but they are a) expensive, b) only come in 2 flavors I like and c) use Stevia. Country Time Lemonade also has packets but I get tired of drinking lemonade constantly and its a little sweeter then I would like.

This morning I had one of the Eureka! moments. I was contemplating that I should really drink a bottle of water instead of going back and pouring myself a Mt. Dew when I looked at the box of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea in my drawer. I didn't want hot tea and that's when the Eureka moment hit - why couldn't I stuff the tea bag in the water bottle for a couple minutes to flavor the water. It would give me the taste I wanted as well as not needing any sweetener. Obviously this won't work for all teas, but it is a great idea for teas that you enjoy that don't require any sweetening. Since the teabag was only in the bottle a couple minutes I kept the teabag to reuse. I would imagine a teabag could be used several times in a day thereby cutting the cost even more. I will mention that I prefer drinking water at room temp and the water had quite a bit of flavor within 1 to 2 minutes. Cold water might take a little longer.

It may be obvious to some to flavor water this way but it was a Eureka! moment for me. Now I can have flavored water without the calories and without the artificial sweeteners. I'm really excited to see if this helps with my weight loss since I know I drink way to many calories every time I have my Dew. I hope this helps others out trying to break the soda/pop habit or those who don't like bland water either.

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  1. I'm not much help because I love drinking water. However, to mix it up I'm a fan of citrus for citron presses (lemonade, you can add simple syrup but I like it tart) or orange presses. Cucumber is also good in water. And you could also try cooking down berries with water and a little sugar into s syrup, allow it to cool and add to water.