Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I always love when projects get to the point where you know if your choices are going to be a hit or a miss. Sometimes it's completing a single thing that pulls everything together. Phase 2 was very time consuming. I acted as carpenter apprentice and general laborer for Matt most of the weekend. Once again problems were found as he tore out stuff. The sink had to be replaced (not planned) after a corner cracked and broke off. The paint colors weren't quite the colors I chose; blue wasn't as dark as it was supposed to have been and the gold looked yellowish. Since we had to let the paint dry for several days before putting up the border I kept doubting myself on whether I'd chosen the right colors or not. People commented that it was going to make the bathroom feel small using such a dark blue. On Sunday, Matt put up the border while I was out shopping and that one simple act pulled everything together. The yellow shifted and became the gold I'd wanted and the blue seemed to take on a slightly deeper hue even though it wasn't as dark as I'd initially wanted. It definitely was worth all our hard work. The bathroom is awesome in my humble opinion.

One thing I will remark on is the paint. We used Behr's Ultra (primer and paint in one) for the beadboard and molding (blue). I was not happy with the coverage at all. Being that it was a dark color we knew we would need two coats of paint but we ended up doing 3 and 4 coats of paint. I think I will just stick with my preference for Glidden paints on future jobs.

My celestial theme has been an ongoing process. I bought the shower curtain back in 2006 when I bought my trailer during my divorce. I bought the border in anticipation of redoing the bathroom there but never started that project (good thing). The border sat in a bookcase for 2 years after I moved in before we were able to get to this project and use it. The metal sun that hangs on the wall was a garbage sale purchase. You can take your time and pull a look together gradually. I love how the bathroom looks and feels now. Phase 3 will be choosing flooring and installing it, but that's a fall project.

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