Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday's menu was supposed to be BBQ chicken, caprese salad and potatoes but Matt was cravying green bean casserole and bisquits so the menu, except for the BBQ chicken, got tossed and we went with what sounded good. Matt did a fabulous job grilling the chicken leg quarters that he'd separated. Before Matt told me he was cravying green bean casserole I'd thought to make bacon wrapped balsalmic aspargus but unfortunately the aspargus tips had started to go bad so they had to be tossed.

My oldest daughter stopped over last night and raided the leftover stash so today for lunch I brought what was left of Monday night's roast, carrots and mashed potatoes to get them used before they went bad.

Yesterday I found a pattern for a tunisian baby blanket that I wanted to make for one of the female soldiers I work with that is expecting next month. I know, I'm getting a really late start on this. I found downloadable pattern books on Annie's Attic website. Went to Joann's last night to get some yarn and could not believe the horrible selection of baby yarns. I found a couple I was okay with but then discovered they didn't have either of them in pink. Seriously - no pink. That's like a standardized color for babies isn't it? I ended up purchasing a yarn that I wasn't happy with - which teaches me not to wait so long to start.

Well being that I was in a hurry to get this started, I didn't think to pay attention to the tunisian classification. Its crochet, but not crochet, and I've never done it before. Tunisian crochet is also referred to as afghan stitch or afghan crochet. It uses a crochet looking hook but its about the length of a knitting needle. I apparently at some point had thought about learning to do it because I actually had the specialized afghan crochet hooks in my stash - good thing as Joann's had one size and it wasn't the size I needed. Well it's a bit more complicated then I thought it would be to learn so the pattern I wanted to use is on hold, maybe for Matt's niece's baby due in October, and I'm just using the basic tunisian stitch for the entire blanket to perfect my skills at it before branching off into more complicated patterns and I'll but the cute border on it that the pattern used. Life's adventures in crafting land.

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