Monday, May 30, 2011


I was planning on doing a thorough spring cleaning - really I was - just hadn't planned to start it for a couple more weeks.  I was also waiting for Matt to get the screens up so I could open the windows and air out the house while I was doing cleaning.  Well as they say "The best laid plans of mice and men..." 

Matt and I came home one Friday to find that my beloved dog, Tip, had gotten sick and to say he had explosive diarrhea is to put it mildly.  Good thing was it was out of his system by the time we got home but the mess was unbelievable when we got home.  Matt walked into the mess first and started doing spot cleanup on the floor.  I walked in behind and immediately started washing the bedding that definitely had to be washed before we went to bed that night.  Matt's description of the couch was that it looked like somebody took poop and used a spackling knife to spread it over a good portion of the couch.  It was on the throw rug in the living room, the bath mat in the bathroom, the walls in hall and bedroom, all of the dog beds throughout the house  ---- it was EVERYWHERE!!!  My son's room (door was closed) and the computer/library room were the only two rooms that were not hit. 

Poor Tip hadn't fared much better and I had to take him outside and hose him down to clean him up.  He was so upset with himself over the mess he'd made.  He obviously wasn't feeling great and just wanted to be held and comforted.  My poor boy.

After we did the spot cleaning and took inventory we decided that a new couch had moved up from a want to a immediate need and went couch hunting.  We were able to find one in the clearance center that wasn't in stock but was due in the beginning of May and for $100 less then the clearance room price.  Original price on the sticker was $1200 and was marked down to $499 and with the $100 discount it ended up $399 plus tax.  $399 for a leather couch was a great deal.  The salesman actually made a comment to the effect that he'd never seen a woman pick out a couch and buy it so fast in all the years he'd been a salesman.  I laughed and informed him that was one of my traits that Matt loved the most.

The following day started my spring cleaning project.  I started in the bedroom and worked my way out to the hallway.  I'd somehow pulled a muscle in my back earlier that week and by the time I was done with the cleaning that Saturday I was having massive spasming in my back, which ended up preventing me from continuing the cleaning the following day.  Two weeks later and I'm still having issues with spasming of my back but hopefully if I continue the cleaning in smaller doses I won't have as bad a flare up again. 

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