Monday, May 30, 2011


Sorry for the delayed post but I've been down with bronchitis and just haven't had any energy to get these finished. 

Our thrifty finds for the weekend continued through Sunday.  My oldest son who is in the Army gave me his flat screen TV before he left for Afghanistan which won't fit into our entertainment center.  Matt wanted to watch the Red Wings Stanley Cup Playoffs on the larger screen and suggested we try looking at Pier 1 for a new TV stand Sunday afternoon.  I will mention here that we have looked at several Salvation Army stores and several other thrift stores along with Big Lots and Ikea without finding anything we liked or were comfortable paying.  My son gave us the TV back in March so it had been sitting around unused for a while and the box was becoming a cat perch and dust/cat hair magnet. 

So Sunday we went to Pier 1 and were checking out the furniture.  Ended up back in the clearance section (gee, surprise there).  I was looking at a TV unit that had a definite Chinese/Zen look when Matt noticed a price tag under it that was marked down from $599 to $149.  Intrigued at what could be marked down 70% and why it was marked down, we decided to investigate.  There were tables in front of it so we had to do some moving to get to the unit to see what it even was - I initially though it was a table that you would put behind a couch.  What we found was a TV unit that was nearly perfect for what we wanted and we both were agreeable to the price.  I would have preferred a dark brown but we both were tired of looking and this was as close as we'd gotten to something we liked without spending our retirement funds to pay for it.   Upon asking we found out that the unit was marked down because it had been a floor unit and there was a ding on the top about the size of a pencil eraser.

Other then a few small issues like my son forgetting to give us the remote and our having to run to Best Buy to get a universal, set up was pretty easy.  By the end of the night the old entertainment unit was in the garage waiting to be put up on Craigslist and the new unit was dusted and all the equipment was connected and working.  All the DVDs, CDs, and VCR tapes that had been in the bookcase are now housed in the new unit (well most of them at least) and the games and puzzles we'd stored in the old unit were now in the bookcase. I continued with my spring cleaning and washed down the wall behind the unit along with half of two other walls.  I was also able to sweep and mop where the larger unit had been.  We were able to watch the Red Wing game that night and several since Sunday on a nicer TV.  The new unit really opens up that wall and makes the room look larger, which I'm really liking.  Now if only the new couch would arrive!

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