Sunday, May 8, 2011


In November my friend Steve invited us to a Teach A Friend To Brew Day at Cap N Cork.  He helped us make our first batch of mead (raspberry) at that event, which is still working.  This past Saturday was Cap N Cork's Learn to Brew Day.  Matt's sister met us for a late breakfast before we all headed over to sample and watch  beers, ales, stouts, etc. being brewed and of course to sample.  Some of the wives of the brewing club started their own niche group called Mead Mama's and I definitely want to become part of this group.  For those interested in brewing the brewing club meets monthly at different locations.  I don't like or drink beer but it is very interesting to watch how they are brewed.  My friend Steve showed up 15 minutes before we had to leave so we weren't able to help him mix up some new meads.  He had three 5 gallon carboys he was going to fill.

I picked up two packets of mead yeast so we could start some new batches of mead.  I purchased one sweet and one dry yeast to experiment and see which one we prefer.  I'm targeting one of the new meads for use as a Christmas present this year using the frozen peaches I put up in the fall and making a spiced peach mead.  Matt and I are going to need to add on to the house soon to attach a brewing room at this rate especially when we start adding the beer/ale brewing equipment to our stash.

A new product line Cap N Cork just started carrying are cheese making kits.  They had several varieties of kits.  We bought the Gouda, Parmesan & Feta kit this time around along with a book called Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll.  I'm looking forward to starting to make our own cheeses.  Our first one will be the gouda.  I think I might pick up the Goat Milk Cheese kit the next round.  Now to find a supplier to buy raw milk from to get started on this new project.  Stay tuned to how this project works out.

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