Monday, May 13, 2013


I've been focusing on budget cookbooks this week to try and get budget meal ideas.  It surprises me frequently that books that claim to be budget orientated are anything but in my opinion.  Some claim to be budget minded if they spend $10 per meal.  I think it would be more budget worthy to spend $5 per meal or $10 a day for the family.  That being said, I realize not everybody is on the same page as I am and they have to start someplace.  If they think nothing of paying $20-$30 for a meal at home then $10 is budget worthy for them. 

These are all Kindle versions that I looked at this week and they all were free when I bought them.  Some may be on Nook or on Smashbox, you'll need to check.  In appreciation for their offering these up free I think it's only fair I give credit where credit is due.  These were not bootleg or stolen copies (a common problem for authors at this time).  If you're new to Kindle (or any e-reader books) you can typically check out part of the book before buying so you can see if it's worth your money.  Definitely check out the Table of Contents on a book and index if they have one before purchasing and if possible download a sample of it.  Prices I give are at the time of posting and obviously are subject to change by Amazon/Kindle at any time.

Eat Like a Farmgirl - 90+ 3 Ingredient Plant Based Recipes by Jennifer Prince (Currently $4.99)

This book was probably my second favorite of all the books this week.  She had some really unique recipes and ideas that got my brain cells working on possibilities.  I love books like this!   She gives a good list of basic pantry supplies to keep on hand so you can use with any produce you have on hand.    Although she eats these recipes as a main dish as she eats a primarily vegetarian diet, I think they'd be good with a side of meat or with meat added to the recipe.  I like the unique recipes like roasted asparagus, pickled turnips & pumpkin seeds and raspberries, rose petals & oak leaf lettuce.  She also includes condiment recipes for the pickled turnips along with salsa and several other items.  One of the ideas that she uses is cooking items in vegetable or fruit juices.  I'd never considered cooking rice with vegetable juices to enhance the flavors or to use teas as a base for cooking different items.  She also has some tasty vegetable cake recipes.  186 pages. 

Meals Under $10 - 51 Delicious Meals That Won't Break the Bank by Joan Johnson (Currently 99c)

This is a good beginner book.  The recipes were pretty basic for me but there are a few that I plan to try in the future.  She does include recipes for egg drop soup, Texas style enchiladas, and Swiss style  meatballs.  The Swiss style meatballs is a recipe I definitely plan on trying.  For 99c it's a cheap download if you're a beginner in budget meal planning.  94 pages

Thrifty Cook Main Meals by Tessa Patterson (Currently $2.99)

This book was on the shorter side but had a couple good recipes in it.  I'll be honest and say I doubt I would have downloaded it for the $2.99 but it's a decent cookbook.  She does have a lot of really basic recipes which would be great for beginners.  She also had some interesting recipes thrown into the mix like sticky chicken thighs in plum sauce and chilli beef with chocolate that got my attention.  She also had odd pancake recipes like spinach & mushroom pancakes that sounded really bizarre to me and wouldn't be something I would try.   Overall it's not a bad cookbook.  106 pages.

Breakfast Mug Menus by K.H. Gardner (Currently $2.99)

This was my favorite book this week.  I LOVE mug meals.  So easy, size controlled, and typically made in a matter of minutes.  She has everything from the basic egg mug to interesting ones like blueberry oat breakfast muffin mug, simple french toast breakfast mug, and chocolate banana cake mug.  She also threw a couple regular meal type mug recipes in including meatloaf mug.  Even though the book is only 57 pages it is packed with recipes.

The Economy Driven Cookbook by Nicole Lyddy (currently $2.99)

Another fairly basic beginner cookbook although she had a couple recipes that I hope to try out including oatmeal patties, sweat & sour meatballs, and easy chocolate caramel apple cake.  This would be a great beginner book as it probably has the most recipes to get started with.  264 pages.

Dog Treat Recipes by Amanda Lewis ($3.49)

So as not to forget my fur kids I include a dog treat recipe book.  She has some good lists including one of foods to never give your dog, ones to avoid giving your dog, and some safe alternatives.  I also really like the fact that she gives good information on how to prepare and dry these.  Some of the recipes I plan to make soon are Bacon Bites and Bad Breath Cookies.  I might be trying the Carob & Pumpkin Treats as Tip loves his fake chocolate treats (carob).  This is probably the smallest book with 79 pages but considering the possible savings and the better ingredients I can definitely say it's worth the $3.49 download.

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