Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Menu planning the past week has been a day by day thing due to my work schedule being all over the place.  An early night gets me home about 6 pm and my late night gets me home after 9 pm.  Sometimes Matt gets hungry and doesn't want to wait until 9 or after to eat, which is understandable.  There are nights when I get home at 8 or after where I'm just too tried to eat even if he has kindly waited for me to get home.  There were nights he'd wait for me to get home and then we'd have to figure out what to eat and neither of us wanted to cook so drive thru eating occurred several times which was a huge waste of money although we have managed to figure out how to do drive thru for about $10 for the both of us. 

So my challenge for myself this week has been to devise a menu that is flexible and keeps us from ordering pizza or running through the drive thru windows. I may switch up days but I'm pretty sure I can stick with this. 

Monday (Off) - Corn beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots
Tuesday (9-6) - Corn beef sandwiches & fries
Wednesday (10-7) Dirty rice & green beans
Thursday (Off) - CP Orange Chicken & rice
Friday (11-8) French toast and fruit salad

Saturday I may splurge depending on the weather and possibly grill some rib eye steaks if I can find some marked down ones at work or I may have him take me out to eat.

Update:  I wrote this a two weeks ago and followed it pretty closely, or at least tried to.  The corn beef shrank so much I was only able to get one meal and a lunch for myself out of it.  I made the CP chicken as per the recipe to come home to burned orange chicken.  Not a pleasant odor to walk into.  We also ended up doing pancakes instead of french toast because I couldn't find any Texas Toast at the store.

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