Monday, September 3, 2012


It's been a busy week on many fronts so we've both been looking forward to a little down time this weekend. 

I scored a bag of apples this week for free.  They were tiny, tiny apples - the size of a crab apple but they weren't crab apples.  Not sure what variety they were to be honest.  I broke it down into 2 batches of applesauce so I did one Friday night after I got home from work and one Saturday morning while Matt had my Jeep back in the shop AGAIN.  Wouldn't you assume that if you'd just dropped almost $300 on new sensors and told them to break the seals and reseal them that they MIGHT have noticed there were nails in 2 of my tires and a hole in the third?  Apparently I expected too much.  So we'll see if they FINALLY got the leaks sealed up this time.  Okay, enough of my rant...  Monday afternoon I was able to process the applesauce and got 12 pints out of both batches.  Not bad for a free bag of apples.  I'd hoped to make it to the Farmer's Market on Saturday but the Jeep took longer then expected and I wasn't able to get the cukes to make pickles.  Hopefully next weekend.

Saturday night I finally got to go to the Jamestown Speedway.  Wow, what fun!  The wind that made the temperatures so much more bearable coated us with sheets of dust most of the night.  I could feel the layer of grit on my face and in my hair making it mandatory to take a shower before going to bed especially since I'd just washed the sheets.  We saw a bad accident although it could have been much worse.  I hope the driver that caused it gets suspended from racing the rest of the season for it.  It was a senseless accident that shouldn't have happened.  I'm very glad Matt hasn't ever had an interest in racing, just modifying the engines.  I'd be a wreck during the race worrying about him getting injured if he did race.
Saturday I also tried my hand at making doggie treats for the first time.  I know, unbelievable that I've never done this before.  I used a recipe from Dog Treat Kitchen  to make Mind Kiss Dog Treats.  I highly suggest reading the recipe before starting - I didn't read it and just assumed that it was made like regular cookies so threw everything into a bowl then realized that I was supposed to have made a cooked cornmeal mush first and THEN mix everything.  Needless to say my second batch turned out better then my first batch although the dogs didn't complain about either.  I used a plastic container of fresh mint between the 2 batches.  Next time I'll probably use dried instead of fresh.
Sunday we both were in an exhaustion phase so Matt declared it a No Work Day.  We both kicked back with books and read the whole day.  I did manage to get a bit of cleaning in before I curled up in the chair.
Monday morning we headed out yard sale-ing again.  Matt had spotted an ad for one that had a freezer we wanted to check out.  Of course as we were pulling up somebody was driving off with the freezer we'd hoped to score.  Oh well, we'll find one eventually.  At our second yard sale I found this beauty that I was able to get for $25.  Isn't absolutely beautiful!  I've been wanting a treadle machine for years but just didn't have the space for one.  It needs some refinishing on the wood but the machine appears to be in great working order plus has a new belt on it.  From my research so far it appears to have been made between 1920 and 1940.  I love the design on the machine.  They just don't make beautiful sewing machines like this any more.  At the third yard sale we hit Matt scored a couple books and I scored a quilting stencil and several craft books.


Matt also knocked out replacing the shower head in the master bath and he fixed the refrigerator ice dispensor that he made a replacement piece for from a coat hanger.  Sometimes that man amazes me which is a good thing.

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