Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been reading a lot lately. My renewed interest in vintage housekeeping lead me to this book, also a recommendation from the Mary Jane's Farm forums. Aprons are one of the new hot topics and collectibles. There are numerous books that have appeared regarding aprons and the fabric stores are full of apron patterns.

This book is for anybody that loves to wear aprons or just loves aprons period. It has multiple patterns for making different styles of aprons but the biggest draw of this book for me were the stories associated with the aprons. Each style of apron has a story of a person who was impacted by someone wearing an apron. Did you know there use to be specially designed aprons for baby's bath time? It was made from chenille or terrycloth and the mother could wrap the baby up in her apron to dry off as soon as she took the tyke out of the tub. So practical! There were cleaning aprons to store rags and cleaning supplies in, not to mention keeping their dresses clean while cleaning. There were also laundry aprons with pockets to keep the clothespins in (I want one of these). There were pictures and stories of aprons that people had saved from grandmothers or mothers long since gone.

For those that enjoy aprons and like a homemade one but don't have the time or knowledge of how to sew I can highly suggest Dave & Grace's Country Aprons . I bought one from them in December and enjoyed wearing it through the holidays. They also have a blog about their aprons and farm called Country Grace Home. I think this may be my next apron whether I buy it from Dave & Grace or find the fabric and make a similar one myself. I love the chickens and sunflowers.

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